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The Successor to 0x10c?

Ben CEO posted Mar 23, 14
Hello one and all!

It is I! Ben, TheEpicBlob or TEB!

So, whilst the death of 0x10c came as shock, and many were left hollow and without a direction to follow. Some, however were left with a direction and have came out with a new game, a new project and a new beginning!

I'd like to get the NCC and TEB &CO firmly set-up in Trillek and have already started reaching out to members there and starting discussions about the TCN and TCSMIN. The community is still in the crawling stages (as in its not huge but is mobile) and could do with some fresh ideas along with new members.

Maybe show your support and lend a hand in getting Trillek as big as 0x10c, and allow the NCC to prosper once again?

Sam I'm all in
StillNoNumber I'll be there. Hell yeah! But what is with Megastage? I think it has similar chances to be the "successor&...
Quenten Lets do this!

21 - 0

sixteeneleven 1611 posted Sep 9, 13

So this will probably be the last major announcement.

Since the game has officially died, I'd like to say a humongous thank you to all members; 0x10cForum, Herobrine's Army, CISCA (remember that? :D) and all current NCC folks.

I'm sitting Highers this year, (pretty tough) so continually dropping in on a confirmed-dead game isn't very efficient for me.

If there is a comeback however, you can be sure as hell I'll be right back and at the forefront. Maybe under a different name, maybe not. 

Until then, you pack of ungrateful, gid fer nuthin', lazy dope-headed jobbers...

I'll see you on the otherside. Ciao, scrublords.


Sam Thanks you for being awesome 16 good luck on everything. As macman said, Trillek looks promising: open source game whic...
macman31 Thank YOU for everything! (And for your awesome messages. You sure know how to talk to people.) Also, you should take a ...
sixteeneleven 1611 If you want to keep a contact however: Email: sixteeneleven97@gmail . com Twitter: @_deagil (I probably won't repl...

The weather (here at least, see above) is nice, so don't spend your days like me trolling around the site, get out and socialise. That's a thing, apparently.

Have a good one.

1v2 CEO
StillNoNumber I'd have 4 weeks left, but you may know, my arm is broken Also Nox, that explains your PM.
ubernox CEO You're way ahead of the curve. My only friend within bike-riding distance is nasaghast.
We (myself) would like to inform you (visitor of the NCC site) that the demi-god you all know and love has finished his exams. Hold the celebrations.

Begin the celebrations.

sixteeneleven 1611 C'mon Nox, home strech! Ehm I think I did reasonably well considering the effort I put in but don't worry I s...
StillNoNumber Cool! As Xodus asked, how do you feel about it?
XodusLLama Still got through Friday for mine.... *party whistle* Congrats! Do you think you did well?
Well, for those of you who have already had exams, I hope those have gone fantastic, and those of you who have some coming up I hope you have a brilliant time completing  them and get what you want!

So, this is two-monthly news (thats a thing)!

I my self have been studing for course work (no exams for me!) and besides that, I've been partying like a good-en! 
Most of the administration team has been busy with exams, and as you know I've been handed the role of temp. administrator (which I hope to keep!) but even I've gotta study sometime!
I shall still be continuing the roll of admin, but shall be visitigng the site less during the next month.
Please remember that even though I might be studding, this should, and will not affect my duties as an administrator. Please report any posts, or contact myself as usual and I will handle the issue or report myself.

Have a fantastic June and hope to see you leater in the month!

Much Love,
sixteeneleven 1611 Int 2 Art exam on wednesday, which I know nothing for.
StillNoNumber Ah, how good it must be to have exams only two times a year. Though they are harder then, but still.
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